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Gospel RnB Soul

DJ Josofab

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Hello My name is JoSoFab and I am not a DJ but I consider myself to be a “Curator of Music” on this platform.
I have loved music from very young and there’s something about it that has captured my soul.
I grew up in a West Indian household being exposed to 3 genres of music: Hymns, Country Western and Calypso. It was not what other kids my age were listening to but I loved all 3. I loved listening to hymns. It was classical music put to lyrics. It was played on an organ. If the words moved me, I would learn them and sing them exactly the way they did in Church and on the radio. I also sang in my youth choir that I helped to create in my Church. Being Wesleyan Methodist we only sang hymns. Then I was introduced to gospel music through my older Sister and a good friend whose parents were the Reverend and First Lady of their own church. I then opened up our traditional members pallets to a new sound of praise and worship. I loved learning all the parts from soprano to bass and being the director of the youth choir it was a good thing to learn four part harmony. The Hallelujah Chorus was one my favorite hymns that taught me to hear every sound, pitch and break up of the parts.
Country and Western for me were songs that told stories. Calypso was the cultural music of my family. My parents were older so my musical taste was before my time. Anything that involves music I was in and I was exposed to plays, I loved TV theme songs and singing commercials. My sister introduced me to another form of music, soul R&B. Dionne Warrick was the first album I listened to with a beautiful black woman on the cover and she had such a beautiful unique toned voice. I then started listening to everything from Jackson 5 to the Osmonds Brother’s and everything in between.
The Era of Black radio came of age and from there the music floodgates opened.
My personal listening growth outside of the music that was played in my home happened when I was about 10 years old in elementary school in the 70’s. I loved listening to Rock and Roll, The Blues, Opera’s and Musicals. The rise and fall of Disco, the birth of Hip Hop, R&B and every facet of music that I could soak up.
Music is the core of my existence and the love of music for me has been part of my life’s journey.
I used my musical expertise and became a party promoter. My business partners and I started several party promotion teams.
I admired the skill of DJ’s and having an ear for music I could hear blends and mixes in my head. I could tell who was great by how they rocked the crowd.
When the pandemic hit that part of my life was over but two things happened: 1)my partner came up with a brilliant plan of getting NYC DJ’s together on one platform to keep them relevant and 2) I was introduced to Zoom Karaoke. There I started to sing again. I was in a couple groups and they could not believe the extent of my musical palette. I could sing so many songs that one of my friends who is a DJ named me Karaoke Joe.
On FB we started a page called Sunday Funday and the DJ’s would come on that platform and play music. Little did we know what it was going to become. DJ’s from all over started to come on and ask to play. Then FB stopped allowing them to perform so we moved to Periscope and became Grown Folks Live (GFL). There we grew fast and again another shut down and we migrated over to Twitch. We continue to grow GFL where I became a mod for quite a few DJ’s. One of our GFL Team suggested I become an affiliate and I did just that by playing music from playlists I curated. I started chatting with my followers and they became more than followers they became my Fab Fam. I started creating my platform by showing “The Fam” how much music I have in my head, how many songs I can sing and just my love and passion for music. Since I am not a DJ (even though I have been told I am) I decided to call myself a Musical Mod. I never thought in a million years I would be asked to share my talents through radio on a platform of all DJ’s.
I am grateful to “The Infinity Radio UK Team” and DJ DogStyle #woof who saw something in me to be a fit for their team, our team. I am so appreciative for the opportunity.
Music is My Life and I want to share my love of it with you my “Fab Fam”!

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